The 2023 Android Apps Worth Having

Android tablets and smartphones are remarkable pieces of technology that have altered our culture. They provide amusement, enable you to work from anywhere, and maintain your social and professional relationships. With the appropriate app, your ordinary cell phone or tablet computer may become a portable theater, office, painting, and recipe organizer, among many other things. Finding the most useful apps for Android devices might be difficult.

The Google Play Store offers an enormous selection of apps, but how can you tell which ones are worth your time? For your convenience, we have compiled the following list of useful apps: It is possible that you may find a necessity you did not realize you have.

You can quickly choose an app that fits your current mood thanks to the categorization of these 104 suggestions into 13 distinct groups, such as music, productivity, security, and utilities. Looking for a fun online video service? You can find an app to do that. Looking for a trustworthy word processor to help you stay productive on the go? There is even a mobile app for it! Please take note that we have not included any games in this compilation. We have compiled a separate list of the top Android games for your perusal.


If you have never used an Android device before, the availability of more than a hundred applications may seem daunting. If such is the case, we have compiled a list of 10 essential Android applications that should not be missed. Many of the items on both lists may be enjoyed without shelling out any cash.

Every single one of these apps is top-notch. When taken as a whole, our selection represents a cross-section of the top applications available in the Google Play Store at the time of this writing. Travel and have fun.

Users of the iPad and iPhone were not forgotten. If you are an iOS devotee, you should read our summaries of the greatest applications for the iPhone and the best apps for the iPad.
The Anonymous Browsing Experience with Brave

The Brave Privacy Browser has numerous features that are designed to keep your online activity private and secure. For instance, it already has ad, pop-up, script, and third-party cookie blockers installed. To further guarantee safe connections to websites, it also supports the HTTPS Everywhere add-on. The sleek, low-weight design is a bonus.


DuckDuckGo is a no-frills browser built on Google’s Chromium codebase with an emphasis on privacy. DuckDuckGo automatically utilizes the most secure connection to each website you visit and provides a simple means to delete your entire browser history. Download DuckDuckGo if you are sick of being followed across the web just so advertisers may make money.


Firefox is lightning quick, and its streamlined interface makes it a pleasure to use. Despite Mozilla’s emphasis on not collecting user data, we found the app to include plenty of useful security features, such as an ability to block ads and a private browsing mode. A dynamic start page with bookmarks and the latest headlines is available in Firefox for mobile, just as it is in the desktop version. Tabs, history, and settings may all be synchronized with the desktop version.

Microsoft Edge

Web content, bookmarks, and browsing history can be effortlessly synchronized between your Android smartphone and the desktop version of Microsoft Edge. The mobile browser’s highlights include a reading view integration, news ratings (provided by NewsGuard), and content blocking (facilitated by Adblock Plus). Bing lets you do image and voice-activated searches, and the Microsoft Rewards program lets you rack up points either way. Microsoft Edge’s dark and light themes are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally straightforward.

VPN Software

Fans of personal secrecy, rejoice! The official Tor Android app has been updated to look more up-to-date. The Tor project is based on the idea that “people should be able to use the internet in private and still have access to an unrestricted version of the web.” If you are interested in utilizing Tor, you should familiarize yourself with its inner workings by reading the overview(Opens in a new window), as it targets certain privacy risks. Given its complex architecture, the Tor browser may be slower than other browsers, but this should be of little concern to users who value and rely on its security features.


Duolingo makes learning a new language fun by providing short, digestible courses in a user-friendly environment. Duolingo is your personal tutor for learning a new language or brushing up on an existing one, starting with basic vocabulary and progressing from there. The more you use the app, the more features you will have access to, and the more you will pick up with repeated use. Danish, Dutch, French, German, Irish, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish are all supported by this free app right now. Or you might go for something more practical, like Esperanto or Klingon.

Facebook Messenger

Getting your pals to use a mobile messenger is usually the hardest part. However, it is likely that the vast majority of your friends and family already use Facebook. The Facebook Messenger app is amazing, thus this is useful. It is easy to use, streamlined, and great for voice and video calls. To learn more about what else Facebook Messenger can do, see our in-depth guide.

Google Translate

Many people worry that they would not be able to converse with locals in a foreign place. Google Translate eases some of the burden by providing accurate translations of written or spoken content rapidly. The software can even take over the talking part and take text input from your camera or handwriting. When connected to Wi-Fi, the software can translate 103 languages; when not, it can translate 52. Although it is useless in Tamarian, it will prove to be rather useful on Earth. Microsoft Translator(Opens in a new window) is another choice; it supports 60 languages, has a phrasebook for foreign trips, a conversation mode, and can even translate Klingon.


LingoDeer is a great app for learning languages, especially those spoken in Asia (but it also covers some of the most important languages spoken in Europe). If you know German and want to learn Japanese, this is the app for you because the lessons are available in both languages. However, LingoDeer is not without its difficulties, what with its focus on specialized, advanced vocabulary and in-depth grammatical explanations. Still, it is a great tool, and the creator updates the program frequently depending on user suggestions.


Most people probably think of LinkedIn as a tool you only use when you are at your wit is end and looking for work after getting laid off or having an awful day at the office. However, the LinkedIn app’s goal is to complement the LinkedIn online service that you already use regularly. Although the site still provides profile pages where you can showcase your job history and useful networking features, it has become significantly more social with the addition of visitor data and a newsfeed. In certain cases, it is the simplest approach to get in touch with someone and start a professional relationship. It is essentially an adult version of Facebook.


Snap a snapshot and instantly share it with a buddy or group of friends using Snapchat. Video snapshots, in addition to audio and video calling, are supported by the app. The catch, though, is that your posts will be deleted after a day. It is a lighthearted and temporary approach to show the world to your friends and family.


While many applications make vague promises about protecting user data, Signal was designed from the ground up to be a secure, private messaging service. The Signal app may replace your current phone and SMS client entirely, or it can be used independently for secure communication. The visual quality of the app also keeps getting better.


Textra is a great substitute for Android’s built-in Messages app. Customizable contact colors, text bubble designs, and notification symbols are just a few of the features that set this app apart from the standard messaging client. You may also rename group chats, block people, and set up reminders to send out texts at specific times. Textra also offers great bright and dim settings.


In a market saturated with similar services, WhatsApp has emerged as one of the most popular and widely used instant messaging platforms. Incorporate a web-based version so that conversations may be continued on a computer without switching applications. This software, which is owned by Facebook, benefits from encrypted texting developed by the creators of Signal. It is possible that this encrypted texting service is the largest of its kind.

Your Trusted Mobile Friend

The Your Phone Companion software for Windows 10 allows you to connect your Android device and send texts from your computer. Additional features include rapid access to your camera’s photo library and control over your device’s notification system. Setting up the app is simple, and writing lengthy replies on a real keyboard is far more convenient than doing so on a small screen.